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-16-2016 17:44 BJT>>M5.3 quak▓e jolts northern Japan, no tsunami warning issuedAn earthquak

ive weeks of

e with a preliminary magnitude of 5.3 struck northern J▓apan at 14:21 local time, but no tsunam


i warning has been issued, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) said Wednesday.>>Business 20 summit: Recommendations on innovation, e-commerceChi

>> Chine

na's president Xi Jinping will address the Business 20 summi▓t, two days ahead of the G20 meeti

▓se mainland

ng which takes place in China this September. Gl▓obal business leaders have drafted 20 key ▓po

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licy recommendations on globa▓l economic governance. This year, there are six main topics of fo

chanism with Taiwa

cus - stimulating gr▓owth by finance, trade and investment, basic infrastructure, Small and Med


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ium-Sized E▓nterprises, employment and anti-corruption.>>▓;Brexit referendum: "In" and "out" ▓camps face off on River ThamesAs England re▓adies for the Brexit referendum, "In" and "Out" camps of ha

ve faced off on London's▓ Thames River. Both campaigns hav▓e clashed in front of the Houses of Parliament. The leader of a British anti-EU po▓l

tween the Chinese mainla

itical party led a small fleet of fishing trawl▓ers from the seaside town of Ramsgate▓ along the river. That is a part of

nd and Tai▓wan is cur

their party's call for Britain to take back control of fishing around the British coast.>>Wanda City vs Shanghai

rently in suspension over

Disney race gets realThe Wa▓nda Group recently launched its Wanda City in Nanchang, the capital o▓f southeastern China'

th▓e failure

s Jiangxi provin▓ce, to compete against Disney's Shanghai Resort. Analysts expe▓ct the already-chippy rivalry betwe▓en entertainment parks to escala▓te even more due to rising co

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nsumer spending▓ in China.>>Stock MarketsThe Chinese mainland market traded lower, in line with broad regional sell-off on Brexit fears. The be▓nchmark Shanghai Composite l

he 1992 Consen

os▓t 0.5 percent. Bluechip stocks, especially financials bore the brunt of losses.The index gained yesterday despite major▓ stock index firm MSCI said it would delay inclusion

sus by Taiwa

of the mainland-traded Chinese A shares in its key emerging market index, citing lingering concerns abo▓ut market accessibility.Analysts say this could be a good thing, because

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it gives China incentive to push reforms through further. On individual▓ stocks, gold miners gain as risky asset inv▓estor fled to the precious metal for safety.Zijin Mining (6


01899) gained 10 percent. Jingui Silv▓er (002716) also rose 10 percent. Chinese wine makers rose with Shui Jing fang (60077▓9) and Shanxi Feng(600809) jiu both up between 3-▓4 per

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    cent.>>Biggest gaming trade fair begins in Los AngelesVideogame fans and players are flocking to Los Angeles this week for▓ the world's biggest gaming trade fair. The Electronic Entertainment Exp

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    o, or E3, is a chance for developers from around the world to introduce their upcoming games and products, and sometimes in grand fashion!>>Meet Vincent van Gogh at a new i▓nteractive exhibit"Meet Vincent Van Gogh," a multimedia di

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    splay of Van Gogh's works, letters and the environment he lives, made its global debut in Beijing today. The exhibition, presen▓ted by the Van Gogh Museum, is on s

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    CCTV.comBriefing of t▓he latest global newsEgyptAir Belgium06-16-2016 11:18 BJTBy CCTV.com Li X▓iang>> "Imminent" Terror▓ist At

    ult shows Le

    tacks Warned in Belgium, Fran▓ceA note re

    ceived in several Belgian police stations indicates

    "imminent" ▓terrorist attacks in France and Belgium. This d

    etailed note of information indicates that some ji▓hadists would have left Syri

    a 10 days ago to reach Europe via Turke▓y and Greece to carry

    out attacks in France and Belgium.>> U.S. Fed keeps ▓i

    nterest rates unchangedU.S. Federal Reserve on Wednesday keeps its federal fund rate u

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